Saturday, 26 May 2012

GB Victorian Perfin - Can You Help?

I recently came across these two GB SG71 ½d vermilions, which were obviously a separated pair.

They are perfinned with the word "INVENTION" in an arc similar to the perforated Specimens. 

Can anyone assist with identification of this perfin? Was it a test (if so, they were postally used), or was there a business with this unusual name?

The GB Perfin Society website hasn't shed any light on this one, so any help would be greatly appreciated!


  1. What a fantastic looking Perfin ! :-)

    This is a postally used Telegraph Puncture, or Perfin (? I always get those terms mixed up)
    A bit of info: curved perfin INVENTION from Patent Agents G.F. Redfern & Co. of London, whose telegraphic address was INVENTION.1885-1895.
    Mentioned in this document


  2. Skippy, you're a champion, and clearly your Googling skills are far better than mine! Another mystery solved