Friday, 21 September 2012

A Bad Case of Blogger's Block

So I Asked For Suggestions..........

After a couple of weeks of not finding time or inspiration due to work commitments, I started a competition on the Global Philately Facebook page, asking for suggestions.

What a creative group of "likers" I have!

Some of the suggestions not only created cold sweat, they would have required extensive research and a massive learning curve.  

However, as promised, I did the honest and honourable thing and put all of the suggestions in a box and pulled one out. I opened it with great trepidation and was extremely relieved to see that the subject is one that will not be too onerous! 

A word to the wise. It may be less stressful to fix the Bloggers Block yourself!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

La Semeuse - The Sower

It Might Be Worth Checking Your Stocks

Following a recent "wanted" request on the GOMC forum, for a copy of France10c red-brown La Semeuse (The Sower) with ground under her feet, the members searched through maybe 600 hundred copies of the Sower issue and found absolutely none.

A search of online auctions only located a handful as well.

These are listed in all the major catalogues (SG325/326, Scott 155), with values only marginally higher than the "no ground" issue.

I'd suggest keeping a lookout for them, they surely can't be as common as the "no ground" issue!