Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Stamps Are Holding Their Own

Auction Realisations Still Strong

I can only comment on this at a personal level, but philatelic auctions appear to be going strong, despite the financial issues faced by the globe.

I recently consigned 43 items to Grosvenor Auctions in London. The auction was held yesterday, and only four lots were unsold, making a clearance rate of 90%. The total hammer price was a very pleasing 20% above estimate. 

It would seem that good quality philatelic material is proving to be resilient.


  1. The last time I heard an actual figure quoted it was 8% on last year.
    This makes it a more worhtwhile saving than putting money in the bank in a losing acccount!

  2. Far be it from me to give investment advice, but I know what I think is the better option!

  3. Tony Mac GillycuddyFriday, June 29, 2012

    I can only comment on prices for the Indian States, but for that limited area, prices are very strong indeed. I had to pass on that Grosvenor auction, because I was bidding strongly on the April Murray Payne auction, of mainly George VI material.

    At that auction, prices regularly went over full current Gibbons prices. One George V era example very close to my heart (because I bought my example long ago) was Lot 282, Barwani SG 34Aa, the 1 Anna Devi Singh imperf between pair of 1932. Gibbons cat. price is £1700; it was estimated at £2200, and sold for £2500. There were many other similar.

  4. Tony, I saw many examples of hammer prices above catalogue at Grosvenor, which surprised me. I think Gibbons have been quite bullish in the last couple of years, but it would seem that the next catalogue may be subject to some major revisions