Saturday, 12 January 2013

Welcome to 2013!

Three Major World Exhibitions

With 2012 now behind us, we can all look forward to a year of major philatelic events.

The big event from an Australian perspective is the Australia 2013 exhibition in Melbourne from 10-15 May. The exhibition is being held primarily to celebrate the centenary of the iconic (if rather unattractive in my opinion!) kangaroo series. The 1d red was issued on 1 January 2013. 

When I found this stamp, I was convinced that it was a first day cancel, but under magnification, there is a clear remnant of a "2", making it the 21st. It's still a nice early usage though.

You can visit the Australia 2013 website here. I'll be visiting the exhibition, along with many other members of the Grumpy Old Men's Club

Other major world exhibitions are Thailand 2013 in Bangkok in August, and Brasiliana 2013 in Rio de Janeiro in November.

If you can get along to a major exhibition, you should. You'll either be hugely invigorated and motivated, or overawed!


  1. hello
    Whats about the white line in the D bottom ?

    lionel nivelle

  2. Hi Lionel, that's a surface abrasion I'm afraid :)