Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Grumpy Old Men's Club

Definitely "THE" Friendliest Stamp Forum on the Internet Celebrates It's 3rd Birthday

There's more than one stamp forum on the internet, and more than one that touts itself as being the friendliest.

The Grumpy Old Men's Club (where you don't need to be grumpy, old or a man!) is, in my opinion, the only one that can lay claim to the title. Created in 2010, and told it would last a month by the owner of another forum, The GOMC recently celebrated it's 3rd birthday.

There's a distinct lack of rules and no overbearing admin or moderation. There's a genuine sense of a club atmosphere, as members suggest Ebay items for others, find items for others, and produce gems like this for members just for fun

If you think you'd like to join a diverse range of philatelists, collectors and beginners, where mutual respect is the order of the day, click here

I hope to see you there soon!


  1. This site is backwards it doesn't even have a place to register but in help it says its next to login, unless im retarded this is a crock.

  2. My apologies David, the link seems to have dropped off. Registration is via this page