Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Great St Helena Rip Off - Part 2

Cancelled Remainders - Quantities

Subsequent to my blog of 24 July, I received some information about the quantities of key-plate remainders that were cancelled with the violet diamond-grill cancel in 1904.

The information was confirmed, with the following details from an article published in 1981:

  • 1½d - 49,409
  • 2d - 58,394
  • 2½d - 29,229
  • 5d - 39,588
  • 10d - 43,376
That's a staggering 219,996 stamps, with a combined face value of over £3,700!

There are two types of diamond, one with five bars and one with four, with the former being the scarcer. So, I suppose, if you really want to collect these abominations, you could focus on the scarcer ones!

The violet cancel can also be removed, and fake cancels exist.

For illustrations of genuine cancels, I would recommend The Postal History of Ascension, St Helena and Tristan de Cunha by Proud.


  1. I believe the quantity 49,409 relates to the penny halfpenny value rather than the halfpenny value as shown.

    1. The blog's been here for seven weeks and you've spotted a typo that I missed! Thank you for the correction. I've amended the post.

  2. On the subject of St Helena Remainders, only 3015 copies of the Sg20 5/- value were Remaindered. It is reasonable to assume that some of these subsequently had the violet cancellations removed and that others have been lost or destroyed. As a result the SG20 5/- remainder has by default become one of the rarer St Helena stamps.

  3. That's a very fair and sensible assumption. It's a shame the same can't be said about the key-plate remainders that flood online auction sites

    1. This is very true I have been unsuccessfully looking for a postally used copy of SG51 5d Mauve for many months now. If I had been unaware of this problem I am sure I would have purchased one of the many remaindered copies of this stamp which are being offered for sale as 'used'.

    2. I'm delighted that the blog has helped at least one collector! Thanks for your post. Good luck with your search!