Friday, 10 August 2012

The 1935 Silver Jubilee - A New Discovery? UPDATE

Another Example of an Unlisted Variety?

In my blog of 22 June, I showed an example of a potential new discovery on Northern Rhodesia SG21, the 6d  Silver Jubilee issue. It takes the form of a "derrick" on the Round Tower, left of the flagstaff

I'm pleased to report that I've located another, very similar, example on a commercial site, which I've just purchased. However, this is on SG19, the 2d value.

I'm intrigued by this variety, which is far more visible than some of the listed varieties on the Silver Jubilee Omnibus issue

My search will continue for more, and I would appreciate any and all information for further research.

Specifically, as a sheet position would be needed to confirm this as constant, or semi-constant, it would be ideal if it showed in a positional block. If you have any holdings, please check them!


  1. As with all these printing errors the value once arrived at will be off interest, will you be keeping us up to date?

  2. Hi ithnaa, I certainly will. There's a very long way to go, but the issue has been raised with the experts on Silver Jubilee stamps. Hopefully, a lot of people will be looking at their collections. If a positional block exists, that can be confirmed twice, it would probably merit catalogue status.