Sunday, 2 September 2012

La Semeuse - The Sower

It Might Be Worth Checking Your Stocks

Following a recent "wanted" request on the GOMC forum, for a copy of France10c red-brown La Semeuse (The Sower) with ground under her feet, the members searched through maybe 600 hundred copies of the Sower issue and found absolutely none.

A search of online auctions only located a handful as well.

These are listed in all the major catalogues (SG325/326, Scott 155), with values only marginally higher than the "no ground" issue.

I'd suggest keeping a lookout for them, they surely can't be as common as the "no ground" issue!

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  1. This comment was received with gratitude from forum member "butterflies" at who was unable to post here for reasons we can't figure out!

    "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Figuring out how many of each variety is out there is a really challenging task.

    My 1981 Michel Europa-West says the ground under her feet was introduced on April 16, 1906 with a printing of 50 million, while the thin lettering version of no ground was introduced on June 28, 1906 with a printing of 500 million. The thick lettering common version ran from 1907 to 1920 (no printing figures available, maybe billions?).
    With a run of only two months, did the postal service destroy most of the ground under her feet version? Also were many of the thin lettering version also destroyed?"

    Can anyone provide any further commentary on numbers printed/destroyed?