Friday, 21 September 2012

A Bad Case of Blogger's Block

So I Asked For Suggestions..........

After a couple of weeks of not finding time or inspiration due to work commitments, I started a competition on the Global Philately Facebook page, asking for suggestions.

What a creative group of "likers" I have!

Some of the suggestions not only created cold sweat, they would have required extensive research and a massive learning curve.  

However, as promised, I did the honest and honourable thing and put all of the suggestions in a box and pulled one out. I opened it with great trepidation and was extremely relieved to see that the subject is one that will not be too onerous! 

A word to the wise. It may be less stressful to fix the Bloggers Block yourself!


  1. Well, what is it then!

  2. Research is well under way! Commonwealth Commemoratives of WWII. Harsh, I thought, but work is under way.

    I normally write from what I know, but a bit of learning never hurt anyone!