Friday, 26 October 2012

How to Block a Seller on Delcampe

....And Make Better Use of Your Time Online

Delcampe recently introduced a tool that allows a buyer to block a seller's listings from their searches. I've used it to block some sellers who consistently sell over-priced material, and others that insist on uploading images that are no more than a handful of blurred pixels.

At the bottom of each listing there is a "+" icon

Clicking on the icon shows the following options

Clicking on the last option, "Hide his/her items from my lists", brings up this box, where you select from a dropdown list of reasons. These include quality issues (descriptions, images, items), pricing, and "too many of those items on the lists". The good part here is that the seller actually gets told why their listings are blocked, yet the buyer remains anonymous

Once you've chosen the option that best describes the reason you're blocking the seller, press the blue button. The seller's listings are now blocked, and they will appear as as blocked seller in the bar on the left of your screen. 

This can be undone at any time, as sellers may react to sufficient blockings and buyers may choose to see their listings again.

I think this is a great innovation that will make searching a more pleasurable and profitable experience, especially for buyers with limited online time. Well done to Delcampe for being proactive again.


  1. If ever I was blocked I would be mortified! Hopefully this will 'educate' a few of the more notorious sellers!

    Are blocked sellers informed of their blocking?

  2. I can't see you being blocked Richnoddy :)

    Picture 3 above says the seller is notified if you provide a reason, and the buyer is anonymous.

    Amongst others, I've blocked a VERY well-known North American seller who must be using an underling to describe and price his stock, and a seller in India that's pretty sure he's come into the motherload, has feedback of 65 and is selling common Indian torn and half covers for $60!

    If the process educates one seller, that's progress in my view!