Friday, 9 November 2012

The 1935 Silver Jubilee - A New Discovery? A Further Update

The Research Continues.......

In my blogs of 22 June and 10 August, I discussed a possible new discovery on the 1935 Silver Jubilee issue.

Experts with experience far exceeding mine are still reviewing their holdings and are coming to different conclusions. However, a tentative sheet position has been suggested, as the variety has been sighted on a sheet of Plate 4 Northern Rhodesia and Plate 2A British Solomons

This line on the tower is the variety in question

To read the latest commentary, please visit Silver Jubilee Stamps. The latest information is at the foot of the front page.

As before, I would be delighted to hear from anyone with similar copies!


  1. Chris Stewart
    Love the idea of the GOMC and am thinking I sure qualify as a member

  2. Hi Chris, pop in for a visit, and I'll see you there!


  3. richnoddystampsMonday, March 18, 2013

    My British Guiana example is similar but not quite as pronounced as this, but it is definately there!

  4. Having seen your image, I agree, there is something there! Is yours for sale?